Shayne D'Orazio

Shayne D’Orazio Joins CRER (Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc.)

CRER (Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc.) is excited to announce that Shayne D’Orazio has joined the brokerage team.

Formerly a lead business development representative for a construction software company, Shayne has always strived to put clients and customers first. Working with project managers, general contractors, and subcontractors gave Shayne insight into the construction world that is applicable in the commercial project field. Whether it is a renovation or a project that has yet to strike ground, Shayne enjoys the process from beginning to end regardless of the size of the project or property. Working with others is a passion and a great challenge in today’s day and age. The most important thing to Shayne is being able to be someone that is reliable, understanding, ethical, and persistent. He believes in being someone that is approachable, whether you have known him forever or are meeting him for the first time.

Shayne moved to Chicago in September of 2021 from Cincinnati where he grew up. He moved here to pursue a career in Commercial Real Estate Insurance. After becoming licensed and getting his feet wet in the insurance world, he quickly realized his passion for the real estate market in the large city of Chicago. It was at that point Shayne decided to obtain his Real Estate license, knowing it was what he wanted to do now and going forward.

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