As a banker or an attorney representing a financial institution, you can be sure that CRER is able to handle your property as receiver or manager for the mortgage in possession, professionally and effectively.

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Receiver Services

As a banker or an attorney representing a financial institution, you can be sure that Chicago Real Estate Resources (CRER) is able to handle your collateral property as receiver or manager for the mortgagee in possession, professionally and effectively.

Bringing 25 years of experience, CRER principal, Eric Janssen has been appointed receiver in more than 1,700 cases involving real estate assets, collectively valued at over 1.8B. CRER is currently handling numerous receivership and bank owned (REO) properties, ranging from small residential multi-family buildings to downtown high-rise properties. Eric also has been appointed in several cases involving failed condominium projects in which CRER completed the construction and sold the remaining units.

CRER has the expertise required to handle a variety of distressed situations including the management, leasing and/or redevelopment of under-performing real estate. After the completion of the foreclosure, we can fee manage the property, lease and improve the building as needed and finally list and sell it for the best possible price. During this process, our team will investigate the property’s position in the marketplace and make recommendations to enhance its value to get the greatest return for our client. Alternatively, we can market and sell the property during the receivership period.

Our receivership services include:

  • Review the order appointing receiver to ensure it will be sufficient in its scope and authority
  • Stabilizing the property operations and ensuring tenant retention
  • Preparing required court reports and attending court hearings in Federal, State, Housing and Eviction court
  • Providing monthly financial reports to the client which can be securely accessed on our website
  • Overseeing on-site property management
  • Development and implementation of a strategic plan for the property with input from the client
  • Evaluation and creation of marketing, advertising, leasing and exit strategies

CRER is a one-stop shop for our institutional clients. We can handle the court proceedings, the day-to-day property management, and any construction that needs to be completed. Our professional broker team will be able to lease any vacant space and market and sell the finished product. We have 5 commercial brokers specializing in retail leasing on our CRER broker team, 4 of which hold a CCIM designation. Collectively, our team has sold more than $2.5 billion in commercial real estate assets.


Trust, Probate Court & Bankruptcy

CRER has been appointed in the Circuit Court of Cook County to manage and sell real estate assets involved in probate court procedures. Additionally, we have been involved in leasing and sales transactions of properties held in trust by financial institutions. CRER is frequently retained by bankruptcy trustees appointed in the United States Bankruptcy Court to manage and sell real estate assets involved in bankruptcy procedures. We also provide evaluations on real estate assets to determine if there is sufficient equity in the property(ies) involved in order to the pay the creditors should the assets sell.

Receivership Case Studies

Auction Services

At CRER (Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc), we proudly stand as a distinguished real estate brokerage firm with a specialized focus in commercial real estate investment. Our goal is to provide invaluable insights and assistance, enabling investors to skillfully navigate the often intricate and competitive domain of commercial real estate auctions.

We comprehend the complexities involved in these auctions and offer a broad range of services to help investors optimize their investment prospects. One of our key strategies to assist investors is conducting in-depth market research and due diligence. We pride ourselves on our expansive network of industry professionals, which allows us access to the latest market trends, property data, and auction opportunities.

Leveraging our expertise, we delve into an analysis of potential risks and rewards associated with auction properties, equipping investors with the necessary knowledge to make decisions that are not only well-informed but also data-driven.

Our team of seasoned brokers holds profound knowledge of the local market, enabling them to spot potentially lucrative investment opportunities within the auction scene. Utilizing their understanding, they evaluate the value and potential profitability of properties up for auction, helping investors align their targets with their investment objectives. Our close collaboration with clients allows us to assist investors in strategizing and prioritizing their bids to attain the most beneficial results.

Beyond our capabilities in research and analysis, we also offer comprehensive transaction support during the auction process. From preparation of necessary documentation and property inspections to liaising with auction organizers, we facilitate a smooth and efficient auction process for investors, thereby enhancing their probability of success.

In summary, we, at CRER, are dedicated to providing unmatched assistance to investors in the realm of commercial real estate auctions. Armed with extensive market knowledge, research capabilities, and transaction support, we enable investors to make well-considered decisions and maximize potential returns. Whether the goal is property development, generating rental income, or portfolio diversification, our specialized expertise in commercial real estate auctions serves as a significant asset in the pursuit of investment objectives.