Note Sales

Note Sales

CRER’s well-established business network is frequently tapped by banks and other leading lending institutions to market performing and non-performing notes..

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What is a Real Estate Note?

A real estate note is the contract between two parties that sets out the terms of the loan allowing one party to borrow the capital needed to purchase a property. The party providing the capital owns the real estate note and will receive payments on the loan. Real estate notes can be created in a variety of ways including promissory notes, land sale contracts, mortgages, or contracts. These contain the terms of repayment between the two parties.


Real Estate Note Sales

Chicago Real Estate Resources (CRER) is often asked by banks and other lending institutions to market performing and non-performing notes. With great diligence, CRER will assess the available notes and work to match them to the most appropriate buyer. In the quest to find a fitting match, CRER’s team uses a combination of in-depth market research and a well-established business network for finding the right buyer. This detailed process ensures that the final outcome is beneficial to all parties involved.