Ian Luscombe Sells 7-Unit Building on Historic Humboldt Blvd

CRER recently completed the sale of a notable building located at 1926 N. Humboldt Boulevard, Chicago, IL for $2,150,000.

This transaction, facilitated by Senior Director Ian Luscombe, stands out for being directly on the Boulevard, a prime location.

Ian represented both the buyer and seller, leveraging his market insight to ensure a smooth process.

The building, currently vacant, is set for kitchen and bathroom updates. Its desirable location directly on the Boulevard enhances its value. This sale highlights Ian’s capabilities and marks an important moment for the Humboldt Park area, reflecting its real estate market’s potential.

For investors interested in exploring real estate investment opportunities in this area, we encourage you to get in touch with Ian Luscombe at  (312) 477-9181 or IanL@CRER.com. His expertise and intimate knowledge of the local market could be your advantage in finding the right investment. Ian and the CRER team are ready to guide you through the available options and help secure your next successful real estate endeavor.

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